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Carpet cleaning does not have to be tedious, here are some tips you can use. Choose the best equipment, take your time and find out about the most extraordinary solutions for carpet cleaning.

Don’t forget about the warranty

A steam cleaning machine is an important tool to remove tough dirt and stains. Carpet Cleaning Westminster recommends that you check the warranty of the machine when you use it. As these machines use a cleaning solution to remove dirt, placing non-recommended mixtures and chemicals into them could void its warranty, and you may not be able to get it checked for repairs if something were to happen to it.

Ice cubes can clean carpets too

When dealing with carpet stains caused by chewing gum and candle wax, you can rely on ice cubes to solve the problem. This process is very simple: all you have to do is press the ice cube towards the gum or candle wax. The sheer coldness of the ice cube will cause the offending object to harden, allowing you to easily pull it off.

No haste allowed

When vacuuming your carpets, do not be in a rush. Professionals from carpet cleaning Westminster say that you should take your time and allow the vacuum cleaner to adequately suck in the dust and dirt that have accumulated underneath the carpet’s fibers. Carpet cleaning should not be superficial.

Know the type and material your carpet is made of

For a more effective carpet cleaning, know the type of carpet and the material it is made of. Specific materials require certain instructions for care. If you are particular about your carpets, then you should take note of its type and material and the products specific to them.

Both the top and bottom sides of rugs have to be cleaned

While the top side should be vacuumed weekly, both sides of the rug should be deep cleaned twice a year. This is essential for getting rid of the dust and dirt stuck to the bottom side. Ideally, the cleaning should be done in the spring and fall to get rid of pollen as well as dust and dirt particles.

Carpet Cleaning Westminster

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