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How to Install New Carpets

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

When fire damage restoration is not enough or mold has occupied multiple spots, carpets must be replaced. The new ones will certainly require greater attention so that you won't have to go through the same procedure any time soon again. After all, it will cost you some money. It's often best to invest in good carpet maintenance so that you can be sure of the good condition of your investment and your own good health. Before installing a new carpet, it's wise to take care of the subfloor and make sure repairs are completed with attention. Such a procedure will actually give you the chance to check the subfloor and possibly take care of some problems related to water damage.How to Install New Carpets

Once theflood damage restorationprocedure is over and other problems are solved, it's time to invest in new floors. Before you buy new carpets, make sure you make the right choice in terms of use. Select the right fibers so that carpet cleaning will be easier and high traffic areas won't need constant treatments. It's vital to take good measurements of the room and always get larger sizes to give room for mistakes during installation. If you already had a carpet, see if you can keep the existing track strips or you will have to install new ones before installation. Make sure you get the right size, nail them carefully in the perimeter of the room and leave ½ inch for the carpet to fit.

Installation requires attention

It's good to install padding underneath. Lay them according to the direction the new carpets will be installed. If there's a large room and you'll install multiple pads, don't overlap them. Staple them together and at the edges close to the tack strips. If there's concrete underneath, you can also use adhesives to make them more stable. When you roll the carpet, start on one edge and leave about four to six inches which will be trimmed later.

The most difficult part of the process is when the room is large enough to need more than one roll of carpet. In this case, you must overlap the two pieces of carpet and cut through but make sure the edges match perfectly. At such parts, you will need to add adhesives and seaming tapes and use a seaming iron to install them properly. Once the excessive parts are cut and the carpet is trimmed around columns and other obstacles, the carpet must be fit under the tack strips and be stretched with a knee kicker. The final touch will be done with a carpet stretcher, which will ensure the carpet is properly installed.

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