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How can carpets protect from accidents?

Carpets will definitely protect you if you fall in the house because their thick volume will keep you from getting seriously hurt. Many old people get seriously injured inside the house and carpets can actually prevent serious injuries. The thicker, the better but, in this case, carpet cleaning will be harder according to the experience of Carpet Cleaning Westminster. Carpets will also protect kids who have a tendency of running and falling all the time.

Why are carpets important for decoration purposes?

Wall-to-wall carpets are ideal if you want to create a sense of uniformity within the house. They will also make it look bigger and handmade oriental rugs will stand out as the most valuable thing at home. Rugs create a sense of warmth and the best cozy corners. If you have Persian rugs on the floors, you won't need anything else. They will beautify and increase the finesse, value and elegance of the house enormously.

How safe are the cleaning solutions used by carpet cleaning experts?

The cleaning solutions used by our experts situated in Westminster are considered safe for everyone at home. We value the safety of our customers alongside a clean and healthy carpet. If you wish, we can even provide you with information on the methods that are safe for both your carpet and your family.

Why must I vacuum rugs on both sides?

Carpets are absorbent and the first thing they absorb is dust. Dust lies on carpets and penetrates the fibers until it reaches their bottom parts. It's best to vacuum them on both sides since the power of the vacuum cleaner won't be enough to collect all the dust. Rug cleaning is more effective this way.

What is the right carpet for me?

The carpet choice for your home really depends on a lot of factors. First off, it should fit well with the interior decoration, considering the colors and elements that you have picked for the home. Comfort and cleaning convenience should also be considered.

Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

Generally yes, because steam cleaning will remove much more dirt and debris from your carpet by going deeper into the fibers than dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is a good method if you need a carpet refreshed for a particular event or to make your carpet look better between regular cleanings. But for annual or semi-annual cleanings, steam cleaning is preferred. Our technicians are experts in both steam and dry cleaning procedures.

Carpet Cleaning Westminster

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